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What Has The Pandemic Taught You About Yourself?

For many people (that might include you), it is all too easy to become overly problem-focused during difficult times. Your thoughts and actions related to the problem begin to dominate as you look for evidence to confirm your fears. This is a totally understandable reaction by the way particularly when it is on a global-wide scale. Even though you might not identify with being creative difficult times can act as real catalysts for aspects of your creative (solution-focused) self to shine through. Times like these can also offer you an opportunity to write new stories perhaps or even help you discover what you can be at your best.

The Solution Focused approach is all about asking questions (it's what as a coach I do). The purpose of the questions is to invite you to shift your perception and enhance your patterns of noticing. Questions can be powerful tools that can help you manage difficulties more effectively and possibly offer an opportunity for some insight into your own creativity. In an effort to help you get more out of this period of time in your life I have listed a number of questions below. You do not have to answer all the questions, but just attempting to answer one or two can be very helpful. Noting down your answers can also be a good idea as you might find it useful to refer back to in the future.

  • What have these times taught you about the person you can be at your best?

  • Write down 20 things you have done consistently throughout the pandemic (however tiny) that have kept you going?

  • Looking back, what will you be most pleased to remember about how you moved through these tough times?

  • During the pandemic what qualities have you noticed about yourself that you would like to continue to grow in a post-pandemic



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