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I'm pre-diabetic - can lifestyle changes reduce my risk of becoming a diabetic?

Absolutely, your pre-diabetic diagnosis is a wake up for you to have a look at your lifestyle. Through changes to your lifestyle such as diet, physical activity and stress management, your risks of becoming a full blown diabetic will be greatly reduced.

What are your credentials?

Peter has amassed in excess of 50,000 coaching hours throughout his career. He also is a clinical therapist and holds a specialist certification in diabetes, obesity, health for special populations, exercise therapy, nutrition, performance coaching, ageing, and stress management with mindfulness meditation.

My family has a history of heart disease, would lifestyle changes make any difference?

Although genetics does play a part in terms of health risks, it is not the determining factor that we once believed. Lifestyle changes can make a significant difference in terms of reducing heart disease risks.

I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and want to improve my health, can you help?

Yes, Peter specialises in metabolic conditions such as diabetes and he has developed a successful programme around people just like you.

What services do you provide?

Peter's health coaching practice offers online coaching for individuals or groups. He also offers In-person coaching if that is more convenient.

For a taster of how Peter can help you, contact him to book a free 30-minute online consultation or try one the Metabolic Health 14 Day Challenge.

What is a health coach?

A health coach is not a medically trained professional, however the use of a health coach has now been well recognised as improving health outcomes. Their primary role is to help the individual improve healthy lifestyle habits. Health coaching uses a wide variety of tools to achieve this, such as goal setting, motivation interviewing and accountability logging.

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