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Suppose you knew?

We often get stuck and can't see what resources we already have. That is why coaching (in particularly the asking of questions) can be such a powerful tool towards getting ourselves unstuck. The 'I don't know' reply is testimony to the fact that it is often very difficult for us to see solution to what often seem insurmountable problems. Being problem focused prevents us from seeing the solutions that we have at our disposal and that are often hidden in plain sight.

It is only through the power of the question and the engagement of our own creativity that solutions reveal themselves. It is important to recognise that all our solutions are unique to ourselves. Therefore the process is revelatory in that it is the 'seeing' of how we have successfully navigated past experiences that provide insight in how we can move forwards.

We are creative beings, and therefore we must learn to access this latent 'super power' in all us to move towards the future we so desire. The question that does most to unlock this 'super power' more than any other that I use is the 'Suppose you knew?' question. Within this one question there hold a huge amount of creative power. The problem with being stuck is that we have metaphorically 'boxed ourselves in', and we cannot see our way out of this box. The 'Suppose you knew? question begins to lift the lid of this box as it begins to stimulate our thinking towards solutions rather than problems.

The power in this process is about the detailing of your response to this question. By detailing this future self you will undoubtedly begin to see examples of solutions already manifesting themselves in your life already. This is key as it is through this recognition that we begin to overcomes the inertia of the situation, which allow us to build up some momentum towards our desired outcomes.

So next time you find yourself saying 'I don't know what to do?', why not try asking yourself 'Suppose I did know?'


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