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The need for a different approach

One of the central teachings of Buddhism is that ‘life is suffering’.

If you’re unfamiliar with Budhist teachings you might think ‘hold on a moment, that all sounds a bit negative doesn’t it?'

But if you take a moment and reflect on what it is trying to say then you will begin to understand the deeper meaning that lies behind it. For in the BuDdhist faith it is through the acceptance of this truth that you will begin to grow (transcend) and therefore paradoxically begin to move towards a happier life.

So is coaching about becoming enlightened?

No, well not directly anyway. The truth is, whatever your reasons for stopping by, we all recognise that the ups and downs of life offer endless opportunities to learn a little more about you and therefore your reality.

When you’re right in the thick-of-it you might not see it that way, but working with someone who can help you look at your situation with a fresh pair of eyes can be a real blessing.

A coach can be like a best friend but without the historical baggage or emotional ties. They are there to listen, listen and listen a little more. They are there to provide validation for your current circumstances. They are there to help you explore your inner resources and find your personal power. They are there to offer you a judgement free and safe space to talk, they are there not to tell you what to do, but support you with some clarity and perspective so that you can make better choices.


Unfortunately, you, me and everyone on this planet were not born with a users manual on how to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

We therefore have to make it up as we go along, with what is available to us at the time. We all travel this road called life, with all its stops, starts, uphills, downhills, long winding roads and sharp bends. But like on any journey it's always nice to pick up a passenger or two along the way to keep us company and help with directions from time-to-time.

If you’re currently facing a mental or physical health challenge in your life, why not drop me a line for a friendly chat to see if my approach might be of help to you.


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