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Get More Out of Life with Three Questions

For many of us keeping a journal has become a useful daily routine. Reflecting on our day and getting our thoughts down on paper are valuable tools in maintaining mental health and overall wellbeing. The practice can also provide us with a useful personalised resource which we refer back to from time to time.

In recent years there has been a growing level of interest in keeping diaries and gratitude journals. In this short blog I just wanted to introduce to you the ‘Three Questions’ which were developed by Luc Isebaert and how you might (as I have done) incorporate them into your daily routine.

Luc was a pioneer in the use of solution focused coaching with individuals that could only think short-term (alcoholic abusers initially). The goal of the ‘Three Questions’ was to help them value and recognise what was useful to them in their immediate environments. For many of us this past year or so has offered us many challenges, but challenges can also provide us with opportunities to grow.

Luc Isebaert ‘Three Questions’

1. What have I done today that I am happy with?

2. What has someone else done that I am happy with (or grateful for)? And how did I react? (So that the person might be encouraged to do it again?)

3. What do I see around me – hear, feel, smell, taste – that I am happy with or grateful for?

Applying the ‘Three Questions’ can be a useful tool in helping us come through difficult times with a renewed awareness of our own resourcefulness.

I would really encourage you all to try answering these questions on a daily basis and see what it brings to your attention.


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