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be the best version of yourself.

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Do you feel that you're stuck and would like to make changes to your life? Do you have a difficult decision to make but are unsure as to what to do? Are you currently struggling with a life event and are unclear about how best to manage it? Change is ubiquitous, it's a simply a fact of life. Despite this fact, managing change or making change work better for you isn't always as easy as it could be.


I am a coach and I can help you manage change more successfully. As a coach, I have 100% faith in you having the resources and skills to resolve your challenge. As a coach, I will listen and help you explore aspects of yourself that you might not at first appreciate. As a coach, we will co-construct a strategy that will help you move closer towards your preferred future.

Here to Help

I appreciate you stopping by and I’d love to help. I'm a coach with almost 30 years of experience. With a passion for helping people move their lives forwards towards their preferred future.

So if you would like to get more out of life, why not drop me a line for a friendly chat to see if we can co-create something better.


We are living in unusual and unsettling times. Whatever you are struggling with, why not join me  for a  coaching session?

If we each do our little bit for one another then life just might be a little more bearable. I know that my skills may help some of you get through this period, so my small contribution is to temporarily stop offering my service at a fixed price.


Instead I offer my service at a donation rate, set by you and your ability to pay.

begin your journey
with my free online course

Take the first step on your journey to better health with my Living Well online course.


What does living well look like for you? 


Designed for people who have health concerns, this course uses a solution-focused approach to help you manage and overcome them. 

Best of all, it's completely free!


We have the ability to construct our own future, albeit in circumstances not of our own choosing.


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“The best coaches are those that make themselves superfluous to requirements”.


The quote above was taken from one of my very first international coaching conferences back in 1992. What Richard said very much resonated with me at the time and it is a principle that I hold dear still to this day. The aim of making myself ‘redundant’,  has guided my approach to coaching ever since.


For me coaching has always been about drawing out the resources that you already have, and helping you become more aware of your strengths along with maximising the resources available to you.

My approach is centred around a number of principles;  I apply a solution focused ethos to all that I do; I believe small changes can have big results, and I understand that change can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere. If you can change the way you view the landscape of your life, things will almost instantly start to change for you.

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What does a good day look like and what do you notice happens more on those good days?

- peter coniglio

Peter is very knowledgeable.

Rebecca. B

He is very professional and knowledgeable.

Nathalie. B

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Jamie. W

I enjoyed his approach.

Grace. W

Very knowledgeable & helpful.

John. C

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