Exercise Therapies

"If exercise was a drug it would be the most effective drug ever invented" 

Exercise is a wonder drug. It’s effectiveness at ameliorating disease as well as preventing disease has been proven time and time again in countless studies. It’s effectiveness at helping improve and reduce musculoskeletal pain has also been well documented. Combined with other therapies it can prove a powerful tool for improving many conditions of modern living.


Corrective Exercise

What is Corrective Exercise? Corrective Exercise is not an exercise in the traditional way in that it is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Rather you’d be better to think of it as movement rehabilitation. The way we are put together and the way we move effectively forms a type of signature that is quite individual to you. You are not symmetrical and your daily movements are not carried out in the most efficient way. Because of this signature, you will tend to repeat certain movements as part of your normal movement behaviour. This can lead to an accumulation of stresses which can result in tissue stress and as a consequence pain.  

Corrective exercise will help you identify areas of your movement signature that have resulted in compensations that could be causing extra stress on your body. The approach is global in that it will not just look at the area that you’re having problems with. But will look at the whole of you and how you go about carrying out your movement needs. Once any dysfunction has been noted a programme of neuromuscular (nervous system & muscle) rehabilitative exercises will be prescribed. Over time this will result in you moving more efficiently and consequently pain-free. Combining corrective exercise and soft-tissue work is a very effective way of dealing with both long and short-term musculoskeletal pain issues.


Exercise Therapy

“If exercise was a drug it would be the most effective drug ever invented”. This quote says all you need to know about the effectiveness of exercise as a way of treating a whole host of medical conditions. Exercise Therapy is about utilising the powerful medical properties of exercise as a treatment tool. Many of today’s most common modern diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, and stroke can all be ameliorated with a carefully structured programme of physical intervention. 


If you are currently suffering from ill-health, you may have been advised by your medical professional to become more physically active. This can be of concern especially if you’ve been relatively inactive up to that point. Even if you are active knowing how to tailor what you do to make it more effective for your needs can also feel quite worrying. What Exercise Therapy does is use safe, appropriate, and effective exercise prescriptions to help you with your particular condition. This prescription will also grow with you in that as you progress the prescription will be adapted again for you. 

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