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"Success is the sum of small efforts that are repeated day-in and day-out."


Nutrition and Lifestyle factor are the two biggest factors in enabling you to live a healthy and independent life. Every cell in your body is affected by what you eat and every cell in your body is affected by your daily habits.

Nutrition Coaching

They say you are what you eat or rather you are what you metabolise. Everything you metabolise will affect every cell within your body. Your body is constantly manufacturing new cells as old cells die off. Effectively you are regenerating yourself constantly throughout your lifetime. The biggest factor determining the quality of this cellular reproduction is your nutritional status. Food is the best medicine and if you think of it in those terms you will begin to appreciate the power it has in terms of your health. 


Unfortunately your diet and nutrition status is not only hugely complicated but highly individualised as well. Therefore what might work for you does not necessarily work for the next person. What Nutrition Coaching does is help you navigate this nutritional minefield so that over time you will develop an understanding of what works best for you and your metabolic makeup.


Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is an emerging approach that is designed to tackle many of today's health problems. Trying solely to tackle chronic disease through pharmaceutical interventions alone has clearly failed as cases continue to rise. What is now understood is that chronic illnesses are diseases of lifestyle. This means health is principally determined by the choices that you make. What you choose to eat, how physically active you are, the company you keep, and purpose in your life. These are all factors that impact your health and therefore should be considered as part of the solution. 


Making changes to your behaviour is difficult as so many of your habits are so well ingrained. Because the difficulties of behavioural change are well understood specialist lifestyle coaching strategies have been developed to help you. Lifestyle Coaching works because what it does is it looks at your current lifestyle and looks at introducing simple but effective strategies for change that will overtime accumulate towards improved health. 

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